Software is a great combination between artistry and engineering.

Bill Gates

The Computer Studies curriculum is intended to provide children with a wide range of opportunity to learn new skills and also to enjoy the world of technology to the full.


Computer Studies is taught as a discrete subject to all classes from Years 1 to 8. ICT is also used as a tool in many other subject lessons, such as; MyMaths, data collection, research and write-ups. In Computer Studies the children are given the opportunity to broaden their skills, encompassing programming, touch-typing, spreadsheets, 3D graphic design, green screen technology, stop-motion animation, video filming and editing, and BBC microbits, to name a few. The programming journey begins in Reception where 4 year-olds learn about algorithms using a programmable robot from Primo's Cubetto. In the Lower School they use Beebots on a world map, and further up the school they learn to programme using Scratch, Kodu and Python.


The school is a member of Code Club and enthusiastic programmers from Year 5 upwards can immerse themselves in two after-school clubs. We hope to explore the world of robotics in the near future and are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the world's first hand-controlled robotics kit from Ziro in the US.


Children also get regular opportunities to practise their touch-typing skills, and certificates are awarded for improved speed and accuracy at regular intervals.


Chris Leakey, Computer Studies Coordinator

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