The world we have created is a product of our thinking; it cannot be changed without changing our thinking.

Albert Einstein

Dolphin's Earth Studies programme adopts an innovative approach to exploring global issues and our responsibilities towards Planet Earth.


We support our pupils in gaining a deeper understanding of the science of life on Earth and the options our young people have moving forward into adult life, in a balanced and mindful way. Earth Studies explores aspects of identity, the natural world, philosophy, science, mythology, globalisation and spirituality. We draw on ideas from cultures across the globe, both ancient and modern, and we explore the role of government, international bodies and the media.


We live in a melting pot of cultures and beliefs, surrounded by people who see the world through a different lens to our own familiar version. Respect for difference and unravelling prejudice will be explored. Through Dolphin's Earth Studies programme, pupils conclude their Dolphin School career with a better understanding of how the world works, how our lives are interconnected, how our life choices and consumer behaviour has a deep impact both locally and globally and how an individual can bring about change.

Emma Tate, Earth Studies Teacher

Earth Studies is very important and teaches me to care for our planet. 

Rufus, Year 4

I have a dream that no-one, NO-ONE, will be alone without love, a home or a community. this is my dream and we can achieve it. 

Laura, Year 8

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