(The pupils') physical abilities are well developed in a range of team sports and dance as well as in the extensive opportunities they have for outdoor learning.

IAPS Report 2016

The girls participate in a range of activities throughout the year. These include games activities like netball and hockey in the autumn and spring terms, culminating in tournaments and trials at the end of the season. This then turns into athletics, tennis and rounders in the summer term, with regular weekly training and fixtures.


Alongside these activities we provide swimming, with entry for elite swimmers into the IAPS programme and cross country where we compete to qualify for the district championships. Our ethos is to provide for all, therefore if a child demonstrates an interest in a sport we will strive to make a provision. We also have fantastic club links in the area, for example Woodley Netball Club and Reading Athletics Club, which will enable children of high ability to gain further coaching and expertise within their sport.


Emma Fisher, Director of Sport

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