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Welcome to the Dolphin School Alumni section of the website. This area of the website is designed to keep Old Delphinians in touch and informed!

We send out regular email updates with news of reunion dates and other events, plus PDFs of The Delphic Oracle and the Old Delphinian news.

Whether you are new to our Alumni, or are already an established member, in alignment with GDPR data privacy regulations we are refreshing our database of former students, so if you are over 13 years of age, and would like to remain in contact with Dolphin, please do complete the form here.

Please contact Kate Spooner at headspa@dolphinschool.com  if you have any questions or news for our Alumni.



A message from Old Delphinian Matt Allwright, Television Presenter and Journalist.

It is a testament to the lasting gifts of the Dolphin education that its alumni have succeeded in a remarkable range of careers, whether it be in the arts, industry, business or public service, many still trace their success back to the lessons they learnt at Dolphin. It’s fair to say that for a relatively small school Dolphin’s alumni have left an outsize footprint on the world.

Old Delphinian reunions are always a joyous affair, not just for the Old Ds who love to endlessly relive their schooldays and tales from the trips with their friends, but for Dolphin to celebrate their achievements, continue to share their journeys and recognise the part the school has played in them. 

"The learning and attitude stays with you forever."

andre compton, an old delphinian