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FunRaisers was set up in 1996 and provides pupils and their families with fun, social activities and events that bring the Dolphin School community together.  At the same time we raise funds for special school projects as well as providing support to external charities.  FunRaisers became a member of PTA UK in 2002 and a registered charity in 2003.

FunRaisers has grown over the years and relies entirely on the enthusiasm and goodwill of parents and staff at Dolphin School while having a lot of fun together!

We are made up of committee members and Class Liaison People (Clippers).  The Clippers are responsible for communicating FunRaisers events and fundraising information to their year group. They also organise year group activities such as evening socials and Christmas activities.

FunRaisers events are very popular. We begin each academic year with a ‘Welcome Back’ social event, where new families can get to know each other and existing families can catch up after the holidays.  For the children we provide the Big Sleepover (Years 5 to 8) in the school hall, Movies and Munchies (from Nursery to Year 4) and School Discos for everyone.  We also hold Easter events and biennially we hold our very own Summer Fayre! Every autumn term we hold a Christmas Market where there are a number of different stalls and activities, including; a Secret Santa stall, Tombola, book selling and even a ‘Snow Disco’ for the children.

Our team meet regularly to ensure we continue to add fresh ideas to all our endeavours. Each year we raise around £5,000 for school projects and recently we have used these funds to purchase a climbing wall, make improvements in our Copse and buy some fabulous outdoor musical instruments. We also support various departments around the school including running refreshments at the Book Festival and ice-creams on Sports Days!

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CoChairs: Zaira Puddephatt and Phil Scordis 

Secretary: Nick Peska  


FunRaisers Christmas Market 

FunRaisers Movies and Munchies