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Headmaster's Welcome


Dolphin School is unique. It is a school where our core values of Freedom, Discovery, Challenge, Confidence and Kindness are lived out each and every day. Whether it is through our extensive and varied trips programme, our subject specialist teaching from nursery upwards, our lack of uniform, or the first name terms between students and teachers, Dolphin is a school that is different, and proudly so.

Dolphin exists in the image of its founding days. The curriculum is experiential, teachers have the freedom to explore ideas and topics as they arise, and our children are encouraged to be curious, volunteer their own insights and ask questions. Whenever visitors encounter our students in their learning environments, they comment on the genuine enthusiasm shown by our boys and girls, as they vie for the opportunity to tell our guests what they are studying. I always enjoy showing people around Dolphin, where teachers and students do a better job of selling our school than I ever can, just by doing what they do every day of the week!

At the very heart of our educational philosophy is our belief that children learn best when they are happy, when they are comfortable, when they do, when they are free to question and explore. Our children flourish in small classes, in an atmosphere filled with warmth and enthusiasm, where individuality is celebrated and relationships between teacher and child are cherished. We are not constrained to the classroom and strive to maintain a learning environment where our children love coming into school and have the opportunity to learn at their own pace and in their own way. This is what it means to be given Freedom to Learn.

Welcome to Dolphin School.

Adam Hurst, Headmaster