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Dolphin is great because it gives everyone a chance to get involved in team sports, regardless of their talents and when you join a much bigger school it sets you up to become part of sport teams and develop social connections which I think is super important for life, so thank you and the rest of Dolphin.


At Dolphin we aim to use sport to instil values in our children. These include cooperation, tolerance, sportsmanship and responsibility, which children will be able to learn and develop in and outside the classroom.

We would like children to aim to have high aspirations and as a school we celebrate sporting success and excellence. The school also aims for every child to have a future in sport, whether it is as the next Jonny Wilkinson or playing football for their local team. Therefore through offering a wide range of sports and activities we hope to harness a child's interest in a particular area, and enable them to develop their talents and abilities.

We wish to promote physical ability and strive to develop understanding and knowledge of sport and the biology of the human body. Alongside this, we educate children on how to live a healthy, active lifestyle which we hope will aid positive well-being in the future.

Sporting Colours

Half colours are awarded to children who show excellence and commitment in a Dolphin sport. Full colours are awarded to children in Year 6 and above who show excellence and commitment in their sport up to and beyond county levels. 

What sport do we offer at Dolphin? 

The sports we offer include traditional games activities such as; netball, rugby, football, hockey and lacrosse. These are mostly delivered in the winter and spring terms with the summer months being filled with athletics, cricket, rounders and tennis. We have a swimming pool onsite and hope for all children to leave us with the ability to swim and a water safety knowledge. A dance teacher is employed by the school each week to deliver fabulous lessons and children are also taught how to perform, which builds their confidence.

What Sports Kit do we need?

Sports kit for children from Reception through to Year 8 is available from Goyals uniform suppliers in Maidenhead.

Sports Kit List 2023/24

This kit is compulsory. If there are any issues please do not hesitate to contact Pip Kirkby at

Please note certain pieces on the list will be compulsory, others including trainers, swimming goggles, football boots, shin pads and gum shields are available from Goyals but can be purchased from alternative suppliers. 

Pip Kirkby, Director of Sport