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The teaching at Dolphin is characterised by the excellent subject knowledge, which gives breadth to lessons and stimulates pupils' interest, extends their thinking and promotes general knowledge.

ISI Report 2016

At Dolphin, both children and staff have a real love of learning. Our curriculum is challenging and innovative, allowing children to experience hands-on learning, discovering and exploring their environment through our exciting extra-curricular trips programme.  Friendly, supportive staff provide a range of opportunities for Dolphin pupils to work both collaboratively and independently, giving all children access to our curriculum, regardless of ability. 

Pupils are encouraged to think creatively, to reflect on the world around them and to appreciate how their learning pieces together in a cross-curricular way - in so doing they develop essential skills for life. Children of all abilities are given a plethora of opportunities to explore a broad curriculum, including additional clubs and activities, enabling them to identify and develop their talents. At Dolphin, we are fortunate to be free from the constraints of the National Curriculum, and thus give our children varied and extended material to stimulate their enquiring minds.   

Subject specialist teaching, beginning in Nursery and becoming comprehensive from Year 3, is delivered by staff who are passionate about their subject, thus inspiring the children to explore and enquire. In Year 3, children begin learning Classics and from Year 4, they study Latin . Mandarin is taught and Spanish is a language option in Year 7. There is also an opportunity to study Greek in the Upper School.

Within small classes, our children experience a varied approach to the curriculum, allowing for individual learning needs to be met, whilst developing independence and self-motivation.

Most importantly, our children are given the freedom to learn, by taking risks and making mistakes, building up resilience and challenging themselves to reach their full potential.

Assessments and Examinations

At Dolphin we introduce end of year exams in the Summer Term of Year 5 which act as an important introduction to summative testing and provide invaluable exam practice to those children who will sit pre-tests and senior school assessments at the start of Year 6 for entry in Year 9. Children also sit exams at the end of Year 6 and Year 7 and then a full set of mock examinations in the Autumn Term of Year 8, in preparation for their final exams in June.