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Fees for 2023/2024


£3,965 per term (full time)


£4,185 per term

Years 1-2

£4,610 per term

Years 3-4

£5,520 per term

Years 5-6

£5,675 per term

Years 7-8 £5,730 per term

These fees are subject to an annual review. School fees are payable in full, on or before the first day of the term for which they are due.

Contact the Finance Office on: accounts@dolphinschool.com


Fees for 2024/25


£4,200 per term (full time)


£4,435 per term

Years 1-2

£4,840 per term

Years 3-4

£5,850 per term

Years 5-6

£6,015 per term

Years 7-8

£6,075 per term

Included in the Fees

School fees include free after school care until 4.30pm each day, all text books, day trips and theatre visits. Fees also cover the cost of travel, accommodation and admission on field trips and walking trips.

There is a small supplement for meals for field and walking trips and a proportion of the trips to the Highlands and Italy in Years 7 and 8 are also chargeable.

Nursery Fees

Parents should note that for 3 and 4 year olds, 15 hours free entitlement to education per week is provided by the Government.  As an independent school, the 15 hours free entitlement is offered within a package of integrated care, learning and development over 34 weeks. The fees shown are for non-government funded places.

Nursery - 3 days per week £2520
Nursery - 4 days per week £3360
Nursery – 5 days per week £4200


Childcare vouchers/Tax-Free childcare payments

Dolphin can only accept child care vouchers or Tax-Free childcare payments for 'child care' not education. In terms of private education this only applies to children under 5 (end of first term following their 5th birthday). For older children, vouchers/Tax-Free payments can be used to pay for any activities or clubs that take place on school premises outside of school hours (before school clubs, afterschool clubs and holiday clubs).  Please contact the Finance Office for details.

Sibling Discount

When 2 or more children from the same family have full-time places at the school, the second child will receive a 5% discount and the third child 15% discount. 

Notice for Fees

A full term's notice, in writing to the Headmaster, is required for the withdrawal of a pupil from the School, otherwise a term's fees will be payable in lieu of such notice.

Termly Instalment Scheme

Autumn Term 2023, Spring Term 2024 & Summer Term 2024

The School offers parents the opportunity to pay a particular term's fees in four instalments by Direct Debit (our Termly Instalment Scheme) in contrast to the default position under our Parent Contract with you.

If you wish to pay a term's fees by instalment this will be subject to the Invoice Terms and Conditions (available on request from the Finance Office). These Invoice Terms and Conditions will operate as a variation of our Parent Contract with you.

Under our Termly Instalment Scheme a term's fees will be dealt with by a new separate agreement for that particular term. This Agreement will confirm your opportunity to pay fees for that term in four instalments and will be constituted by a letter sent to you in advance of the first payment (Termly Letter) with your fee invoice and the Invoice Terms and Conditions attached. Payment under the Termly Instalment Scheme will be made by Direct Debit (attached to the Termly Letter).

No service or interest charges apply to the Termly Instalment Scheme. Extras and incidental costs will continue to be payable on receipt in accordance with our Parent Contract.

The Termly Instalment Scheme is a discretionary arrangement offered on a termly basis to assist you with spreading the cost of school fees. The School reserves the right to withdraw or amend the terms of the Termly Instalment Scheme by giving you notice in writing before the beginning of any new school term. No agreement for the deferral of future fees will be valid unless it provides for no more than four instalments within a 12 month period from the date of the agreement.

In the Instalment Scheme there are three cycles corresponding to the three school terms. Each cycle consists of four collection by direct debit. The first cycle will cover the Autumn Term fees with collections at the beginning of August, September, October and November, the second the Spring Term (December, January, February and March), the third the Summer Term (April, May, June and July).

Once we have received your completed Direct Debit instruction, a process of approval and acceptance must take place with your bank. We will provide 10 days written notice of the first collection. Instructions for the first collection which are received too late to be collected at the beginning of the month will be collected after the 10 days written notice. Where direct debits are not met, there will be an administrative charge of £30 in respect of each failure. Your instruction will remain in force until you cancel it with the School, your Bank or Building Society or until the final Leaver’s invoice upon departure.


Some activities may incur an extra charge as detailed below

Early Birds (pre-school care) 7.45 am to 8.45 am

Nursery and Reception

Years 1 and 2



After School Care  

4.30 - 5.30 pm

After 5.30 pm

(all children to be collected and off the premises by 5.30 pm) 


£3.20 per half an hour or part thereof

£15 per quarter of an hour or part thereof


Notice for Extras

A half term's notice is required for music tuition and extra tuition.

Fees & Extras Invoicing

Fee invoices and extra invoices are sent out separately by email half termly. The School accepts payment of fees and extras by BACS, cheque and Direct Debit. To set up direct debit payments, please contact the Finance Office. We accept payment for extras by cash, subject to a £100 limit.

If you wish to pay by Direct Debit, please contact the Finance Office. 


Registration Fee

Registration Fee £120

Acceptance Deposit

The £500 deposit is payable when a signed Acceptance Form is returned. The deposit is forfeited when an accepted place is not taken up.

Personal Accident Insurance

Personal Accident Insurance

The School participates in a scheme enabling pupils to be insured against injuries happening at any time during the year. The cost of this cover is included within the termly fees. Information regarding this cover can be found in the documents section at the end of the Fees page.


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