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Computing and Technology

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Computing and Technology

The Computer Studies curriculum provides children with a wide range of opportunities to learn new skills and enjoy the world of technology to the fullest.

Computer Studies is taught as a discrete subject to all classes from Years 1 to 8. This is where the tools and skills are taught in programming, robotics, Office applications, touch-typing, filming and editing, and in the use of the internet to search and research, to name a few. Subject teachers also make use of the school’s PCs and laptops to enhance teaching and learning, for example collecting and displaying data, using MyMaths online, or writing up a project. The learning of programming starts with BeeBots and other mini-robots in Years 1 and 2, with Scratch in Year 3, MicroBits in Year 4, and Python from Year 6. Years 7 and 8 continue this process with more advanced aspects of Python programming, Excel, filming with green screen, animation projects and robotics. They are able to make good use of these skills in the Dolphin Project Qualification, which sets them up for life in senior school in Year 9 and beyond.

The school also runs optional after school clubs for enthusiastic programmers, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and skills in Scratch and Python. Furthermore, children have regular opportunities to practise and improve their touch-typing speed and accuracy.


Chris Leakey Head of IT and Computer Studies Coordinator