The Dolphin Habits

Pupils reflect maturely on their achievements but also on how they can improve. Pupils' learning is also stimulated and supported by the introduction of the 'Dolphin Habits', ten values that they will need to succeed such as thiking flexibly and persisting.

ISI EQI Report June 2021

At Dolphin we believe in explicitly teaching our children the values they will require to succeed in the real world. For example, we know that it is very important that our children are good communicators and that they can collaborate and think critically… But in order for this to be true, what do they need to be able to do? 

The aim of the Dolphin Habits is to provide a framework or compass for children to refer to… which over time will become a habit. The Dolphin Habits or “Attributes for Success” are characteristics we are hoping to instil into all our children to help them decide how to cope with choices they may face on their learning journey. These habits allow the students to become flexible, continuous learners that are able to behave intelligently when encountering problems, use information efficiently and think critically.

Our ten Dolphin Habits (which are based on Prof Art Costa’s “Habits of Mind”) are:

Dolphin Habits