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Inspection Reports

I am enormously grateful to all the staff at Dolphin for the consistently high standards they set and to all the pupils for the part they played in seeing the school through such a successful inspection. I would also like to thank all the parents who took the trouble to fill in the questionnaires that helped inform the judgements of the inspectors.

Adam Hurst, Headmaster 

In March 2019, the school received a Regulatory Compliance Inspection from ISI. I am delighted that the ISI inspection of the school affirmed the quality of education and care here at Dolphin. Unlike the previous inspection (2016), the inspectors were not at school to make a judgment about the quality of educational provision or management, and so the report contains no qualitative judgements – the inspectors are not allowed to use words such as exceptional or outstanding. Instead, they simply decide whether we comply with all the legislation that applies to schools (The Independent School Standards) in eight discrete areas. You will see from the report that in each of the areas, following a brief narrative, we are told that we have ‘met the standard’ in all areas. This may appear relatively unexciting, but it is the best possible achievement under this current inspection framework and is a huge accolade. Across a large number of requirements and regulations, covering everything from health and safety and recruitment, to governance and the curriculum, the inspectors found that we complied with every element and that there were no recommendations for the school to do anything differently.



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GOOD SCHOOLS REVIEW 2016 06th Dec 2019 Download
ISI COMPLIANCE INSPECTION 2019 06th Dec 2019 Download
ISI REPORT 2016 06th Dec 2019 Download