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Extra-curricular activities such as science, programming, mathematical and technical drawing, music groups and debating clubs offer additional challenge.

ISI Report 2016

The school offers an impressive array of after-school clubs, which are renewed termly, with the majority included in the school fees.

Clubs include but are not limited to; team sports, forest activities, chess, programming, yoga, ballet, art, board games, book club, poetry and creative writing. Most clubs are run by the school staff who have other passions outside their teaching specialism.

The variety of clubs and after school activities adds to the ethos of a broad and exciting education, and provides something of interest to everyone.

Some of our Clubs

  • Computing
  • Drama
  • Dance
  • Choir
  • Film
  • Gardening
  • Little Musketeers
  • School Magazine
  • Dolphin Mile
  • Construction
  • Classics
  • Problem Solving
  • Ancient Greek