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The best classroom and the richest cupboard is roofed only by the sky.

Margaret mcmillan

At Dolphin, we believe that outdoor learning enriches the curriculum, improves cognitive functioning and supports physical health and mental wellbeing. We endeavour to offer our children the broadest learning experience possible. Our aim is to stimulate the children with a wide range of resources to challenge them to think creatively and critically beyond the classroom.

Forest Schools offers an all-inclusive, multi-sensory, inspirational opportunity for children to learn in a holistic hands-on environment, where they connect with nature and their peers, unwittingly encompassing all aspects of their development through play. Confidence and self-esteem are bolstered by accomplishing small achievable tasks, fostering their intrinsic skills to meet their unique and special potential.

Our Forest School and team building programmes are an essential part of a Dolphin Education. Each year group spends a full day in the copse every half term, during which they develop their real-life problem solving skills.

Shared thinking, independent thought; an abundance of ideas whizzing through the forest. Building houses, building relationships. Making fires, making friends. Chivvying the frustrated to be creative and the same in return.  Bang, chop, rustle ……… silence. More, less, how big, how small, guess, assess ……. review and reflect; relax and breathe. Could learning be any more fun?

Naomi BuckleyForest Schools Coordinator

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We have been so impressed at how the school encourage a real love of learning and give the children the independence to grow.

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Y2 - Dragon making in the Copse