DS 2019 399



Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.


History at Dolphin aims to teach children about past events in a factual way but also to develop a curiosity and questioning approach which can be applied in a wider context. Source analysis and essay writing allow children to develop analytical and literacy skills which will be useful throughout their lives.

We see the study of history as a means of understanding the world in which we live, by learning about how and why it has come about. Whether that is looking at Cromwell in Ireland, in order to understand the context of the more recent ‘troubles’ in modern Ireland, or visiting the castles built by Edward I in North Wales as a means of appreciating the impact of invasion and conquest. History is above all, the study of human behaviour and children learn about themselves and their society in a uniquely meaningful way. We pride ourselves on being able to make past events relevant and interesting to our children. We are fortunate to visit numerous historical sites which help to bring history alive.

Adam Warner, Head of History


Y5 Hampton Court Trip

Y6 North Wales Trip