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If I were again beginning my studies, I would follow the advice of Plato and start with mathematics.

Galileo Galilei

At Dolphin, we believe that Mathematics lies not just in the learning but also in the doing.  Our curriculum is hands on, in the sense that by investigation and experiment, the children develop the principles and ideas and then use them to further their own understanding.  We nurture our children to become adept in problem solving and being confident with number manipulation.  In that way they develop self-confidence and a life-long love of maths.

We teach throughout the school by asking appropriate and challenging questions. The children are not surprised to receive a question back to them in response to their question!  Lessons move at a pace for those with a keen interest and ability but for those who find maths a bit more challenging, we move more slowly so that the key skills can be learnt and practised.  Computer based maths is used to support learning and to explore and test.

From Year 3 upwards, maths is taught by specialist teachers who have a real passion for the subject and who want their enthusiasm to excite the children.  Our aim is to make maths fun to learn and to see how it is both relevant and practical to the world in which they live. Problem solving skills are explicitly taught in stand-alone lessons weekly. Our children love nothing more than competing in an inter-school’s maths challenge and relish the opportunity to compete in both the Primary and Junior Maths Challenges each year.  We have had many successes over the past few years and have often been placed in these competitions.

Toni RiemerHead of Mathematics