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September 2020 School Full Opening Information

On Thursday 2nd July 2020, the Government outlined an approach whereby schools will reopen for all pupils in September. We have since adjusted our site, following the guidance published on the 7th August 2020, to enable all children to return to school safely and to minimise the risk as much as possible. We, like our Government, feel strongly that returning to school is vital for both children’s education and for their wellbeing.

This section aims to provide parents with all the operational information they need to ensure that their child can attend school and can operate in a safe manner during this time. Risk assessments will be on-going and guidance may be updated. By working together, we can ensure the safest possible return to school for everyone in the Dolphin community.

Covid-19 update:

What to do if your child is unwell?

  • In the event that a child (or family member) has one or more of the three symptoms of Covid-19 (high temperature, new and persistent cough and loss of taste/smell), members of that household are asked to isolate whilst those with symptoms have a test. If a test result comes back as positive, you must inform the school as soon as possible; we in turn will contact the DfE Helpline, who instruct us as to the next steps and the action that the school must take. (I appreciate that access to testing is somewhat problematic currently, but rest assured you are not alone in this regard and that that the situation is out of our control. We hope that the government announcement that testing will be greatly improved and more efficient from the start of October will come to a fruition.) In the event a test comes back negative, the child can return to school as and when they feel well enough to do so.
  • If a test is not possible for any reason, please inform the school and follow the guidance in terms of isolation (10 days from onset of symptoms, or 14 days for other members of the household), before returning to school.
  • If a child has other symptoms of being unwell, but NOT any of the specific Covid-19 symptoms listed above, the school would request that you keep your child at home for at least 24 hours, to allow your child to recover, before returning to school when well enough to do so; again, if any Covid-19 symptoms develop, please inform the school and take a test as above.
  • If a child has an upset stomach or is sick, please follow the usual guidelines, which require at least 48 hours away from school to allow for a full recovery, before returning to school.



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