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Early Years - Nursery & Reception

The warm, welcoming environment of the EYFS ensures each day starts happily and positively.

ISI Report 2016

There is a very warm and welcoming feel to the Early Years department at Dolphin. Every child is treated as an individual and the children feel safe and secure in the very happy, stimulating environment. 

Kindness, making thoughtful personal choices and forming positive relationships with each other is evident when you watch the children at work and play.

Developing a love of learning is the main aim of Jane Robinson and her highly experienced and enthusiastic team. She and her team share a passionate belief that the potential of each child is limitless, and this is shown by the excellent progress every child makes whilst in the team’s care.

Jane found the school for her own children 20 years ago and it inspired her to train as an Early Years teacher.

The children have a wealth of wonderful learning opportunities including visits to the copse, embracing foreign languages, dance, off site trips and working with the older children who inspire them with their caring yet confident attitudes.

The department retains a Montessori ethos yet also embraces current thinking with the child’s ideas and interests placed at the heart of the curriculum.

Jane Robinson, Head of Early Years


Quotes from parents

"The Early Years department is superb. The team achieve the perfect balance for the children. They are both professional and warm, focused on each child’s individual learning approach, whilst also instilling a sense of independence and confidence in all children. It really is the perfect foundation for a love of learning. The proof- how happy the children are. My son skips happily into school every day."

an Early years parent

"The Early Years staff at Dolphin are calm, patient, and caring. They treat the children as individuals, and take the children’s concerns seriously - from a grazed knee to a homeless flower. They understand that to a small child, the ‘little’ things are ‘big’ things. Our child loves the Forest School at Dolphin, as have we during our visits in the termly Family Week. We are grateful that a school such as Dolphin exists, and that our children have the privilege of attending it."

an early years parent

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