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Middle School - Y4 to Y6

The Middle School is very much at the heart of a Dolphin educational experience; it’s when we put the ‘i’ in Dolphin, developing independent, involved, individuals, building on the foundations established in the Lower School. 

Children in the Middle School are taught by subject specialists, moving around the school for their different lessons, which means that they learn very quickly from Year 4 to organise their equipment for the different lessons each day.  Form tutors are on hand to help and encourage, but the children quickly adapt to their varied days.  The children develop their independence through the residential trip programme which sees them participating in 7 trips over the 3 years and includes visits to Dorset, Ironbridge, Boulogne and North Wales.  The walking trip programme starts in Year 4, with a day long walk along the beautiful South Downs, moves on to the rigours of the Brecon Beacons for 4 days and steps up again with a Via Ferrata and Striding Edge in the Lake District for Year 6. 

Middle School children also play a big role in the wider school community, participating in School Council, becoming Playground Ambassadors and regularly representing the school in sports fixtures against other schools.  All Year 5 children participate in the annual play and everyone is involved in concerts and house competitions.  It is also a time when their individuality is encouraged and children confidently showcase their talents in our regular assemblies, be it puppetry, riding a unicycle, playing a musical instrument, singing or reciting poetry.  The clubs programme also gives children a chance to try a huge variety of activities from cookery to bridge, giving everyone a chance to find an activity that inspires them.  By the end of the Middle School phase, the children are very well placed to be able to make the most of the myriad of opportunities that the Upper School offers at Dolphin.

Siân Moore, Head of Middle School