24 Nov

Drama Blog - Clothes make a statement. Costumes tell a story - November 2020





So what goes on behind the seams?  Rather a lot, actually!  Over the years Dolphin has accumulated a large number of costumes, props and bits and bobs from all over the world- found in markets and charity shops or created by talented parents and caretakers.  They had all been living in a small attic space above the Music Room for a very long time alongside a few uninvited creatures. Until the summer of 2020. 


Photo taken just after the costumes had been removed 


It was a mess and the Drama department knew that something had to be done, but had never been quite brave enough to take that first step.  Until Julia, one of our inspiring parents, took that first step, rolled up her sleeves and came up with a plan.   


Step 1 - empty the entire contents of the Wardrobe and sort through it all (my heart sank but I knew she was right!) 

Step 2 - do a deep clean of the space, tidy up any loose wiring and remove any unwanted small creatures 

Step 3 - replace the broken costume rails, fill in the random holes in the walls, add new lights and re-configure the layout  

Step 4 - paint the floor and the walls a bright clean colour (Paul, the caretaker’s idea) 

Step 5 - put everything back neatly and in its new place 


Quite a big job.  The perfect summer holiday job.  Iris, another kind parent, stepped in bravely to help us clear and clean and mend and sort.  And yes, we did spend the whole of the summer holiday.