4 Dec

Dolphin School 50th Birthday!

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Dolphin School was founded on 5 December 1970 when the first twenty-five children, aged two, three and four, entered the Gardener’s Cottage in the grounds of Hinton House. Over the ensuing decade the school extended its numbers and its age range, until by 1980 it had become a full ‘preparatory school’ with its children staying until they were thirteen, before moving on to a wide range of state and independent schools.

Today, Dolphin School holds true to its founding ideals. Children do not wear a uniform and call the majority of teachers by their first name; far from creating issues, this informal style enables a friendly and warm environment, where behaviour and academic engagement is excellent. The majority of subject leaders are secondary trained, imparting their in-depth knowledge of their subjects to children as young as three years old! Children continue to venture out on a large number of teacher-led day trips throughout the year, and from Year Three upwards, they enjoy residential academic and walking trips, developing resilience and independence through these wonderful experiences.

As we look ahead to what we all hope will be a brighter year in 2021, Dolphin is proud to have reached its 50th birthday. We are currently booking tours and taster days for early in the New Year, so please do take this opportunity to contact us and book a visit.