29 Apr

Reception trip to the Lookout

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Reception class went to The Look Out. The children hunted for minibeasts and then shared their findings with their friends. They used their imagination to make homes for minibeasts and used nature in creative ways. The imagination displayed and language skills developed was fantastic. After lunch, the children worked together to carry long sticks, taller than grown ups when held upright! They worked so well as a whole group and created the most wonderful den. A parent helper reflected on the day: I loved helping and being on the trip. There was a real buzz (excuse the mini beast pun!) about the day. It was just lovely to see the children engage with their environment and thoroughly enjoy the day. Just being outside and having the freedom to explore, play and discover! One highlight was the excitement they all had to show each other their minibeast habitats. It was lovely to see! What great teamwork and cooperation they showed when making the mega den and carrying the big logs together! They are lucky children to have such a nurturing team around them to guide them and inspire them.