28 May

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And now for something completely different this month…


Dear Year 7 & Year 8,

Well, you hit the ground running this term - devising, rehearsing, learning and performing our brand new production, One Way Ticket - all in the space of 3 weeks!  And what a slick show it was.

The choice of subject was brave and both your title and inquiry question outstanding.  I rather spontaneously thought aliens and UFOs would be fun to explore but you took the subject to a higher level by selecting your own title - One Way Ticket, and the inquiry question - Is Earth our only home? stopped me in my tracks.  Even your Manifesto showed a maturity well beyond your years. 

Ava built a rocket to take you to Mars in our show, but who knows maybe one of you will actually reach that distant planet and change the world. And I wonder if you will carry a potato in your pocket? Scientists have already created greenhouses that can stimulate the harsh conditions on Mars and preliminary tests show that certain life-forms can indeed flourish there.  An exciting thought.

As artists, writers and performers we have all learnt to always try and see round corners in these very choppy Pandemic waters, and this past month was no exception.

Having risen creatively to this latest challenge, you will have grown in strength and stature, although you might not realise it.  Yet.  Throughout even the most challenging of rehearsals, I always remained confident in your positivity, agility and resourcefulness. Well done.

I will sign off with Harriet Tubman’s inspiring words… 

Every dream begins with a dreamer.  Always remember, you have within you the strength, and the passion, to reach for the stars to change the world.

Looking forward to working with you in our next Drama lesson!





Our Manifesto - One Way Ticket - May 2021

This is a space in which…

 -     we should all feel comfortable in the group

-     we should be surrounded by enthusiastic people

-     all the company should contribute to their best ability

-     gender neutral pronouns should be used (they, them, it)

-     we can try new things


This is a space for… 

-     respect and dedication to our core values


This is a space to be… 

-     brave and do what you love

-     supported, creative and free


This is a space of… 

- work and learning


This is a space where… 

-     you know where you belong

-     we listen, respect each other and acknowledge everyone’s ideas

-     we help and communicate with each other

-     we show resilience (if something doesn’t go to plan, we learn from it and don’t get upset)