20 Dec

Library Blog - End of Term December 2021


Dear All

Well – we had a wonderful December with various exciting competitions, culminating in a happy prize for some. For illustrated nominations of ‘Hero of the Month’, initiated by Jo, our Head of English during Non-Fiction November, we had three winners – Anwen, who nominated her lovely Mum (who apparently ‘smells of strawberries’), Josie, whose Dad is champion and Isabella, who so sweetly nominated her friend, Seren, for helping her settle into Dolphin School when she was a new girl!  It was a difficult choice with ‘heroes’ varying from Greta Thunberg and David Attenborough, to parents, grandparents, friends and pets.

This term too, with Covid restrictions eased somewhat, the library’s team of shelf elves have been back making themselves extremely useful.  Keeping their shelves tidy and in alphabetical order and helping fellow pupils to choose books.   Daisy and Amber, as ‘Head Elves’ were fantastic - both at running the Library when I couldn’t be there and in helping the younger children with their queries and occasional confusions.  Thank you to them both. The prize for Best Shelf Elf of the Term went to Jouri; though new to Dolphin she picked up the ways of the Library system very quickly and happily helped her classmates to understand how easy it is, kept her shelf tidy and helped where-ever she could.   Thank you to all the pupils for making the Library such a wonderfully vibrant home for our exciting collection of books which are now straining the bounds of our small Library in anticipation of moving to the new bigger, more beautiful space sometime in the new year!

Hope you all have a wonderful festive season  - Happy Reading!