16 May

Nursery and Year 6 Trip to Woodley Library 2022

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Every Nursery child has a Year 6 buddy and today they had the excitement of going on a trip with them. Year 6 joined us at the start of the day having circle, snack and a short play time in the Nursery. We then headed off in the minibuses to Woodley library. The session started with a librarian talking to us about how the library worked and which areas we were going to explore today. Each Nursery child was given a challenge of finding 5 different story themes and the Year 6 buddies read these to them. The Nursery child chose their favourite and scanned the book out to take back to Nursery. We finished the trip with a group story. As a special treat the Year 6s had lunch with the Nursery children and they then did a scavenger hunt together on the school field. The Nursery and Year 6s all loved their special morning. Now it’s time for the Year 6s to write a book for their Nursery friend.