13 May

Y5 Ironbridge Trip 2022

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“These are the most important pile of bricks in the world!” Where do you think we are? The Pyramids? Taj Mahal? No, the site of Abraham Darby’s Forge in Ironbridge – often called the birthplace of the Industrial revolution.  

Year 5 started their three day residential field trip at the site of the forge. It doesn’t look like much now but is the starting point of the Industrial age; where the manufacturing of cast iron was experimented with and successfully realised. 

Over these three days we immersed ourselves in the sites and sounds of the birthplace of the Industrial revolution. The aim of Dolphin School is to inspire lifelong learning and our three days in Ironbridge allows us to see the significance of the inventions of the past and the changes to our world that stemmed from this beautiful corner of Shropshire.