23 Sep

Library Blog - September 2022


The autumn term started with great excitement and energy in our first week back at school and has continued unstintingly….  Year 2 Class became members of the Library for the first time.  They were quick to find a book or two to take home and quicker still to learn how to scan their books and some even remembered their special library ‘PIN’.

Several children told me of books they had read during the holidays and recommended books we should have in the library.   After checking out the titles, I have put a few on our Amazon Wish List in case a family would like to donate a book – the list is still active and the link is:



Herewith some photos of possible recommendations:-



Screenshot 2022 09 23 123552


The sad news of the Queen’s death and the wonderful pageantry that followed will long stay in the young minds of our pupils as we go forward with the new King Charles III.   His strong commitment to the future of our Planet, so vital to the welfare of our youngsters, will hopefully be an inspiration to the choices they make as they grow up.