20 Nov

Year 2 Victorian Visit to Reading Museum


We arrived at Reading Museum dressed as Victorian children and ready to learn all about the Huntley and Palmer biscuit factory.

The children enjoyed spotting biscuit tines that could be used as toys as well as commemorative tins celebrating major royal events. We took part in a variety of workshops to explore life in a local Victorian factory and the conditions that children worked in.  We handled many artefacts and explored what they were used for including some useful items like a chamber pot.  Having recently holding a Remembrance Day assembly, Year Two were interested in seeing the biscuits that were sent to soldiers in the trenches during the First World War. Our museum guide explained that the government changed the law so that children had to attend school.

In the afternoon we travelled back in time to visit the Victorian classroom where we had a very formal lesson.  The children were excellent at sitting up straight and learning to write on slate boards.  The teacher was very strict and even gave one child the cane.  Our children played the part superbly; although they enjoyed coming back to 2019.