8 Jan

Library Blog - Happy New Term


Happy New Year to all from Dolphin School Library …. we ended last term with the wonderful play - ‘Library’ – the charming and enterprising series of vignettes were the combined effort of Judy, all the Year 5s and Rufus and Alexander of Year 7.   I feel certain that the vital message was not lost on the audience and feel very privileged to have had a front row seat next to our esteemed founder, Ophelia Follett.    

This term we are in for more treats with much to celebrate besides the usual Valentine’s Day (Blind Date with a Book!) and Chinese New Year (know the story behind it). In the first week of February 2020 (1-8 February) we will be celebrating National STORY TELLING WEEK (organised by Emma Tate), where the spoken word will be intertwined throughout the week in all sorts of exciting ways!  I hope you will all be able to bring stories alive in the home too  – tell a sibling, ask your parents, grandparents or tell a friend….

And then, World Book Day – theme of which will be announced soon!   Watch this space….   Happy Reading – the Library is open for business!

Library school play photo for library blog of 8120Library school play photo 2 for library blog of 8120