30 Oct

Y7 & 8 Northumbria Trip


In the Autumn term Years Seven and Eight visit the region once known as Northumbria, to learn about the history and geography of the area and how much of its influence still pervades our lives today. We look at the Roman occupation of Britain, in particular by the Emperor Hadrian, and visit a number of Roman sites including Chesters and Housesteads forts and Hadrian’s Wall. We study monks, monasteries and cathedrals, such as the Priory at Lindisfarne, Durham Cathedral and Fountains Abbey, to understand aspects of religious history. We examine the lives of important historical figures such as Oswald, Cuthbert and Bede, and we look at Anglo-Saxon life at Jarrow. Sketching forms an integral component of the trip and helps us to appreciate the differing architectural styles that we encounter, particularly those of the Romanesque and Gothic periods. We also walk along, and take in wonderful views of, the Whin Sill, and see how the Romans took advantage of its features when building the wall.