13 Jun

Y8 Stratford Trip


The highlight of the Stratford trip had to be the play. I loved the experience of being welcomed by the Royal Shakespeare Company and the anticipation of the play. The play we watched was called The Taming of the Shrew. However, what made this performance unique and funny was the gender swap and how the women were in charge. This would have been peculiar since it was based in the Shakespearean period.  We also met one of the actors, Emily, who used to be a student at Dolphin - I think this might have been Judy’s highlight!

 Another highlight of the trip was visiting Shakespeare's school (King Edward’s School) where we experienced an actual Tudor lesson! It was very informative and interesting to learn how children were treated back then compared to the present. For example, if they were late to school their punishment would be scheduled for a Friday.  However, if you showed remarkable behaviour before the punishment day, it would be dismissed. After experiencing the Tudor lesson, we had the opportunity to write with a quill.  (It’s harder than you think!).

Experiencing the atmosphere at Shakespeare’s birthplace was captivating. We saw the room where Shakespeare was born and learned many interesting facts about the Tudors. Finally, we visited the ornate church where Shakespeare was buried. This was a lovely finale to our adventurous trip to Stratford.

A Dolphin Pupil