6 Dec

Y5 Play 'Library'



Dolphin School Year 5 – dramatic production


In a world of diminishing attention spans, immediacy and self-image anchored by social media, Library skilfully and engagingly brought the value of books to the stage and the inevitable full house.

Not just books, but the entire concept was explored of how we access information, awaken our imaginations and the importance of those special community places in which to do so, our libraries.

Dolphin’s connection to reading and literature is at the heart of the student’s experience within our community. Kirsty’s passion and unique personality made for an obvious portrayal in this performance – why look further when we have the best librarian and role model for reading in our very own school..? The company once again delivered a sensitive and beautifully acted performance, capturing the essence of how stories (and story-telling) are windows to the mind and the world. The illiterate gang of bored youths whose imaginations are liberated when taught to read…The maniacal society of commuting humans which provides a romantic love story for a colony of tube mice. And the gaming obsessed boy who is awoken to stories and adventure not only being a product of expensive, digitally devised screen content. Such weighty themes were woven seamlessly into a superbly choreographed piece that was crafted with an excellent script and score. All of which was written by Alexander, Rufus (both Year 7 students), Judy and John Alderson. The ultimate “in-house” production!

Voices and singing were exceptional this year, from a large cast that was empowered equally in terms of roles and dialogue. The harmonies and sung ensemble pieces were noticeably strong, as were many, if not all, of the characterisations and individual performances. The lighting and sound effects were faultless whilst the musical accompaniment was of the usual exceptional standard.

Judy’s subtle and clever direction never ceases to enchant and enrich her every production. Be it the stage movement of a busy and large cast, the clever use of simple props – the sleeping family was especially memorable, as was the depiction of fire created by waving, synchronised arms – or the simple reliance on the power of the story, her productions demonstrate year after year the very best of our school. Simply put, it’s the children and the heights they thrive on scaling.

Inspiring, as books and libraries are also. We should cherish them all.

Andre Compton

December 2019.