3 Oct

Day Trip - Nursery Gray's Farm


We were all pleased that the weather was good, sunny and quite warm as wet out for Gray’s Farm. We were all excited as we hoped to pick the last vegetables for the season, carrots, beetroot, spinach and maybe even some of the last few tomatoes. Mr Gray was waiting for us and he talked to us under the apple tree about this year’s crop. Then we all went into the farm shop and we listened to Mr Gray as he talked to us about how the crops were grown and how they were harvested. He said that he had to take care of all the crops during the year and also had to make sure that they got enough water. Then we walked around to look at his irrigation system and also some of the farm machinery that he uses to plant and to harvest the crops. Then it was time to begin to pick – we each had our own bag that we could fill with fruit and vegetables, whatever we liked. Time flew by and all too quickly we had to stop our harvesting and return to Nursery. Everyone had a bag full of tasty produce to take home.