14 Jan

Y5 Ufton Court Trip


Year 5 went back in time to 1939 when 'Operation Pied Piper' took place evacuating them to Ufton Court for a hands on immersive day as Evacuee children. Following studying 'Carrie's War' in English lessons, they explored the everyday lives people in World War Two. We discovered how to make rag-rugs and how 'made-do-and-mend' was the order of the day.  Gas mask drills were essential but with managed by most in under 5 seconds. Phew! By learning to dance a jive and a waltz and telling jokes and playing cards when we explored how people passed the time and supported the development of the Blitz Spirit. It was a fantastic trip consolidating the student's understanding of the novel and the background social history of the times.