30 Jan

Lower School Production 'Dragon Days'


Over the Alps and far away the hills were alive to the sound of Dolphin’s Lower School singing and dancing to ‘Dragon Days’, a musical by Sue and Paul Langwade.  The scenery transported us all to a quaint Alpine village filled with flower boxes and an exquisite Clockmaker shop.  The villagers were terrified by the rumblings from their mountain and needed a visiting hero, Tommy to rescue them from the dragon. Year One entertained with a magical snowflake dance, the firemen provided safety equipment for fighting a dragon and the cheerleaders cheered him all the way up the mountain.

Year Two worshipped our hero during ‘Tommy’s’ rock star solo and provide spooky cackling by our crones. Year Three were villagers who were likely to stumble their way around Stumbledorf while facing a storm to save Tommy. The story was woven together by our team of expressive narrators.  A wonderful, colourful production with actors clearly enjoying themselves!

Alison Alderson

Head of Lower School