5 Feb

Nursery BCA Zoo Trip


This was our first visit to the local BCA Zoo and we all had an amazing time. We arrived and met our tour guide Emily who took us to the outdoor enclosures first. We saw tamarins, baby otters, meerkats and even wonderful kookaburras. The porcupine who shared the meerkat’s enclosure had lost a ‘spine’ which we able to touch – surprisingly it was rubbery and bendy! We went inside and saw lizards, a boa constrictor and even tiny blue frogs. The children were thrilled to see so many animals which they had never seen before. Emily thoughtfully brought lots of animal food with her which encouraged the animals to the front of the enclosures so the children could get a clear view. The nocturnal area came last – again very interesting creatures including an armadillo and this time they were moving around in a darkened room to create a night experience. On the bus home the children chatted excitedly about their adventure.