28 Feb

Library Blog - World Book Day



THURSDAY 5TH MARCH IS WORLD BOOK DAY and as this is the year of Dolphin School’s 50th Anniversary, we will be celebrating the day with ‘Numerate Literature’ or books with reference to numbers in the title.  We’re hoping for some inspirational and original designs to grace the cat walk.    The Year 6 Press will be out in force and we expect some first rate reporting and photographs.  Our Library is packed with ideas, more than we imagined, so you all should be spoilt for choice.   There could be some heavy industry this weekend!   

We’ve had good feedback from the Year 6s - most seemed to have enjoyed their choice of a Blind Date with a Book! and some books were loaned to friends before I could wrestle them back into Library circulation!  Thanks to all of you for your enthusiasm.  

World book day library blog photo