2 Mar

Y3 Brooklands Museum Trip


The Year 3 children enjoyed their trip to Brooklands where they were able to explore how vehicles had changed through time. They looked at how the shape of some of the cars and motorcycles had become more aerodynamic by modifying their shape. We explored how the types of material used to build aircraft has evolved from fabric and wood to composite alloys and fibreglass.

In our ‘Fun with Forces’ workshop we experienced friction, air resistance and gravity. Our favourite demonstration was using a silk cloth as a tablecloth and pulling it out very fast so that the cup and saucer remained safely on the table.

In the Bus gallery we experienced how London Buses were bombed in World War Two and had to ask the conductor very politely for a ticket when he shouted ‘Fares please’. We had fun pretending to be bus drivers for the day – our parent drivers watched very closely!