5 Mar

Library Blog - WORLD BOOK DAY 2020!!


What a whirlwind of a day we have had!  From our Media Hub of Year 6s out and about reporting on the day, to real life characters from our favourite books having leapt out of pages and on to our Dolphin School Catwalk.   From many dotted dalmatians to the Three Musketeers, the Hall was awash with colour, variety and communication.

Our all-day Read-a-thon is still on-going as I write, with parents, students, families, staff and volunteers all taking 15 minutes out of their day for quiet reading time.  I think a number of them overstayed their session but that’s the joy of reading…… in classrooms, the day was filled with literary activities organised by the individual teachers.  We definitely need to have more of these word-filled days.   Thanks to everyone who participated in all ways possible.