24 Mar

End of Spring Term, more time for reading.. yay!


Well - the end of this term has come, somewhat abruptly, but what a wonderfully cheerful environment the Library has been right up to the end.  We'd like to thank our many 'shelf elves' for their diligent attention in keeping their chosen shelf in order and goodbye to our little Book Group who had fun in the last week perusing the 'new' 2nd hand books' from the Children's Book Award Scheme. Shri, our feline Library mentor and companion will miss the lively company, attention and stories she gets from our readers.  She, like me, hopes the break won't be too extended for the books will get restless if left unattended on the shelves for too long!   Hope you all have plenty to read.   If anyone would like to share their 'holiday' reads with us - either as a comment, a photo or a more formal review - please do send them by email and we will endeavour to add them to the Blog.  Comments and book inspired drawings are welcome too. 

One last note to add... the Dolphin School Book Fest. planned for Saturday 16th May 2020 has been postponed to a date yet to be confirmed.   No surprise there really.  A big thank you to Joseph Coelho, Chloe Inkpen and Sophy Henn for agreeing to be our guests for the occasion.  We hope to see them all at a later date in more favourable times!  

No need to suffer cabin fever or 'isolation' - just reach for a book, it'll take you somewhere new and exciting ...

With very best wishes 

Kirsty (on behalf of Dolphin School Library)

email: library@dolphinschool.com

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