6 Oct

Y4 Danebury 2020


Year Four have travelled back in time to visit Iron Age Britain. We were lucky to have ‘The Museum of the Iron Age’ at Andover to ourselves to explore. It was packed full of artifacts found around Danbury, although due to Covid regulations we had to remember not to touch but just to admire the beauty! We learned how the farmers developed tools such as an ‘ard’, which was a plough pulled by cattle. Around one corner we were surprised to find the skeletons of the farm animals and paintings showed us the size of modern farm animals. Breeding has changed the size of these animals over time. We spotted may ingenious uses of natural materials to make diverse tools such as combs, weaving looms and cooking utensils.  

We travelled on the hillfort at Danebury where the weather God’s smiled on us for our walk along the ancient walls. We looked for evidence of ditches and ramparts as well as the entrance gates. Archaeologists at work hunting for clues for how the defences were built. We all had a lot of fun running down the slopes on our way back to the bus.