12 Oct

Blog Time - Hello From The Dolphin Library


DOLPHIN LIBRARY ON-LINE!!                                                                                                 Autumn 2020

We have to admit that the Library Blogs this term have been very slow in coming but it does not mean that the Library has been in-active!  On the contrary – we have been as busy as ever getting back into the book loaning mode and securing the Dolphin School Library On-Line. Please find the URL link above. Each Dolphin pupil will have an individual School Barcode Number which they can enter as a User Name, along with the Dolphin School Password (given in a separate email). This link can then be bookmarked for regular use.

The Library Home Page will offer access to a Search facility for books registered in the Library, Library News, Popular Books, New Books and a chance to write a review at home. 

(Circulation of Books ie: Loan, return and renewal of books, is not available with the ‘On-line’ Library.) Visits to the Library are now restricted to individual Year Group Library Lessons and Break sessions in keeping with Covid safely measures.  Please encourage your children to bring their books in on their Library days and to investigate their new ‘Library at home’.            Kirsty


 Here is a view of the Home Page: