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Posted on: 10 Jun

“Overall, the quality is excellent and I think it is a great reflection of how good the teaching is at Dolphin. Talking to a lot of our friends with children at other schools, it really feels like Dolphin is providing the best experience.” 


“Thanks also to all the teaching staff for their preparations and planning to allow the children to continue their learning in true Dolphin style despite the school closing, it is appreciated by us all and allows some normality to prevail.”


“It has been really reassuring to see how normal (although that doesn’t feel like a good description of the amazing work you do!) school is for them and what a supportive, nurturing and fun environment it is despite the unusual time”


“I should let you know how impressed I am at the way all the staff have risen to the challenge and how smoothly, from our perspective, the online learning seems to be going”


“I wanted to say that I have been completely impressed and grateful for the effort Dolphin school teachers and staff have put into remote learning . It has been a complete dream in our house to have xxx up and ready to go at 8am chatting to his friends - seeing teachers and having that contact.  I am eternally grateful that he is at Dolphin and having these wonderful opportunities to keep learning and be engaged and in my eyes more importantly keep in contact with people.” 

Dolphin Parents