What Parents Say

“Dolphin School was our first choice because its values show a reinforcement of our home values, where respect and effort are two key principles. As I am in my 21st combined school year at Dolphin (as a parent), I am often asked what it is about the school that I like. I jokingly reply that it is not the Olympic swimming pool but the quality of the staff. I consider it a luxury to have subject specialist teachers, each with their own passion. It is this enthusiasm that rubs off and develops the pupils into ‘all-rounders’ with a multi-disciplinary outlook on life. ….” Current Parent

“I can’t imagine my children ever going to another school than Dolphin. There is no other school I’ve come across which can genuinely encourage a sense of self, without arrogance, and a love of learning without losing perspective of the world around. Above all else, their school days have been joyfully happy. These are gifts which will serve them well for the rest of their lives.” Current Parent

“Our kids are going to places and seeing things in year 4 at Dolphin that most won’t experience even in secondary school. Other schools are coming round to the idea that it’s not a luxury, it’s a fundamental part of your education. Dolphin’s been doing it for decades.” Current Parent  
“Some schools can give you the feeling that they’re dusting off the curriculum, ready for another year. Our kids are constantly being challenged with new ideas and new approaches.” Current Parent   “ One thing never fails to startle me at Dolphin – how much the teachers are genuinely committed to the children. They make extra efforts, often at their own inconvenience, to make sure that a child thrives. And they keep doing it, day in, day out.” Current Parent


 “The happiness of all the children was very evident during the tour. The children were bursting with confidence in their own ability in a positive and calm way.” Prospective Parent

“During our tour it was evident in every classroom that the children were inspired by the lesson. This had a huge bearing on our final decision.” Prospective Parent “The children seemed genuinely happy being at Dolphin during our tour. No school could stage that.” Prospective Parent  “The whole family takes part in a Dolphin education. As parents, you can really get involved in your child’s progress, rather than watching from the sidelines. None of it can happen without the really strong bond of trust that exists between the teachers and parents.” Current Parent

“The breadth of education is unquestionable. My child is motivated, stretched and enthusiastic.” Current Parent

“A key strength of Dolphin is the commitment and enthusiasm of the teachers. They bring out the best in each child through focusing on them as individuals.” Current Parent

“I noticed the friendliness of other families and the general pride that people have to be part of the school.” Current Parent

“The enthusiasm and cheerfulness of the children is testimony to the school ‘getting it right’.” Current Parent

“Parents need to be prepared to throw themselves into the whole ‘Dolphin Experience’ to realise its strengths.” Current Parent

“Dolphin’s strength is creating an atmosphere in which children want to learn.” Current Parent

“Dolphin is small and friendly with dedicated teachers trying to find and draw out the best in my child.” Current Parent

“The trips are such a valuable part of the curriculum on offer.” Current Parent

 “Dolphin has the same qualities now it always had: an environment where children are free to learn in their own way, supported by brilliant teachers who genuinely care about them. That’s why it was the first place we considered sending our kids to school.” Old Delphinians

“I will move back to the area when I have my own children so that they can benefit from the special education on offer at Dolphin.” Old Delphinians

“If I could have any years back it would be my Dolphin years.” Old Delphinians

“I fail to see what I got out of my education after I left Dolphin.” Old Delphinians