Welcome from the Head

Tom Lewis 2What makes a school different? What makes one school better than the next for your child? The choice is a difficult and often emotional one, made more confusing by the plethora of advice and opinion available to parents. At Dolphin we know what makes us different. Our school, a coeducational, preparatory school for children aged three to thirteen, offers children the freedom to learn in a number of individual and important ways.

First, our unique field trip and day visit programme is integral to our teaching. It offers children the opportunity to learn about the world outside the classroom as well as at a desk. Our fees include the trips, and Dolphin children experience more than 120 days of trips throughout their time at the school. Second, through the guiding principles of discovery, challenge and ambition, a Dolphin child learns skills as well as facts - and becomes confident, adventurous and well organised. And third, he or she will perform to the very best of his or her ability academically. Excellence in literacy, numeracy and science underpins all Dolphin's activities.

Dolphin is a place bustling with happy, purposeful young people. Children are relaxed, and keen to learn in an atmosphere that is filled with warmth and enthusiasm. Children are able to flourish in small classes and, from the age of seven, benefit from the careful guidance of subject specialist teachers. Each year our children win major scholarships and coveted places at leading independent senior schools, local state schools, and prestigious grammar schools. Children leave Dolphin as confident, well rounded individuals who really enjoy learning and are curious about the world around them. They have a strong sense of pride in their own achievements and they are ready to take on all the challenges that await them. I hope that you are inspired to learn more about Dolphin, and I would be delighted to show you around.

Tom Lewis, Head