Year 3

Although Year Three still forms part of the lower school, this is a transition year, where the children begin a full working day, with lessons now ending at 3.30pm on most days (3.15pm on Wednesdays and Fridays). Significantly, their timetable takes them to subject classrooms around the school, so they will need to learn to organise themselves to carry the necessary books for two lessons before they have a break and can return to their cloakroom bases. There is an After School care programme available until 5.45pm. For details of Pre- and After School Care, please view our Extra Curricular page.

The timetable is enriched with Classics, Drama, Cultural Studies and Construction Games, as well as the more 'usual' subjects, such as science and French.

Sport sees the introduction of more regular match fixtures against other schools in the Under 8 age-group.

Day trips continue to abound, including visits to a synagogue, the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, Avebury, Brooklands and Compton Verney.

Year Three also sees the start of the unique residential trip programme, with a three days visit to East Sussex.