Year 6

Years Four, Five and Six form the Middle School. This is a time when the children are encouraged to become independent, involved individuals so that they are well placed to take advantage of all of the opportunities and activities available in the Upper School. All Dolphin children are encouraged to ask questions as this adds to the learning experience for everyone. Children take on roles of responsibility around the school such as Playground Ambassadors and being a School Council representative and are expected to set an example to the younger children.

The school day begins with registration at 8 o'clock and ends at 3.30pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays and 3.15pm on Wednesdays, after which clubs and activities are on offer for a further hour. Occasionally day trips may return later than this, but advance warning is always given. There is also an After School Care programme available until 5.45pm. For details of Pre- and After School Care, please view our Extra Curricular page.

Year Six children are now at the top of the middle section of the school. Their learning experience continues to be rich and varied, with the addition Latin to the other subjects taught in Years Four and Five. If they like Latin they can continue with its study in the following years or opt for a modern language such as Spanish. Wednesday afternoons are taken up with sport and there are regular home and away fixtures for both boys and girls in a variety of sports throughout the year. All children perform in a music concert during the year and Year Six children also take part in a major production.

For Year Six the day trip programme is full and varied, adding to the learning experience in school. The visits offer a hands-on approach to the topic work being taught in class, and include trips to the Stanley Spencer Gallery, the Reading Museum, the Natural History Museum, Bletchley Park and Fishbourne.
Residential trips also continue, with a four-day hill-walking expedition to the Lake District, and a five-day field trip to North Wales.