Year 8

Year Eight is the final year at Dolphin School. At the age of thirteen, the children move on to their senior schools, but not before a memorable last year. The children are constantly being challenged to question in lessons to ensure that they understand. The teaching is of a high standard and ensures that all pupils perform to the best of their abilities in their entrance exams, the majority of whom receive excellent results. Much of the material being studied for Common Entrance is on a par with GCSE subject matter. The school is also extremely proud of its scholarship record over many years, not only in academic subjects but also in drama, music, sport and all-rounder awards.

The school day begins at 8 o'clock and finishes at 3.30pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, 3.15pm on Wednesdays and 4.45pm on Mondays, with a wide range of after school activities and clubs on offer until 4.45pm. There is also a homework club, and an After School Care programme available until 5.45pm. For details of Pre- and After School Care, please view our Extra Curricular page.

Sport continues to feature strongly, with excellent results in fixtures against other similar schools.

A highlight for many is the school's extensive trip programme; the day trips support and enhance the classroom learning. They might include visits to the British Museum, the Natural History Museum, a poetry workshop at the Hexagon Theatre in Reading, a Science workshop at the EdExcel centre.

Residential trips make for an even more rewarding learning experience. They include an Adventure Week (optional), Northumbria (with Year 7), Normandy or Italy, and culminate in a nine-day adventure and walking trip in the French Alps.

An important leavers programme is devised each year for Year Eight for when they have finished their exams, which provides sound advice and education on first aid, awareness about alcohol and drug abuse, relationships, with further help from the local police about being safe outside the home.

Year Eight leave Dolphin as independent and confident, well-rounded, flourishing young adults, who are very well-equipped to make a great success of their senior school lives. We often hear wonderful news of their continuing successes, and many return to renew old acquaintances with staff and younger pupils, even to gain work experience or help as teaching assistants in their gap year.

Dolphin School is a very special place, one that Old Delphinians and parents hold dear to their hearts.