One Day in No Man’s Land

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On Wednesday 11th May, Head, Tom Lewis travelled to Calais to deliver the 200 hygiene packs that Dolphin children had donated to the refugees, alongside resources from other schools including; Leighton Park School, Furze Platt School and Iqra School. One of our Dolphin parents, Aubrey, had kindly donated a container to transport the goods and Mr Lewis accompanied driver Paul on the trip. Mr Lewis visited the Care4Calais warehouse where goods are sorted and interviewed some of the volunteers. He then went into the refugee camp itself but was unable to film the people, as they were concerned about jeopordising their chances of asylum. 

Mr Lewis commented, "I can think of no better description than 'No Man's Land' as this was a place where no man, woman, nor child belonged. The problem is a complex one and easily misunderstood. What is not complex though is our common humanity and our responsibility to help others at a time of great need."

This is Mr Lewis's video diary entitled "One Day in No Man's Land" -